Snow Bowl (1994-2000) - Cactus Bowl (2001-2011) - USA Freedom Bowl (2012 - Present)

USA Football Network, Inc. celebrates its 25th Anniversary as the nation's original broadcasting, events planning & implementation, marketing & promotions, media & communications as well as public relations organization in the college football industry. The firm's original mission remains the same today - to upgrade the visibility of College Division Football tha counts 631 of the 757 four-year college programs (82%( as its members while major college football enters its 143rd season with 126 institutions (18%(,. The firm created the first-ever Division III senior all-star event (USA Football All-Star Classic) in 1995, the year following the debut of the Division II All-Star event (Snow Bowl). On January 16, 2012, USA Football Network, Inc. combined Division II and III and added players from NCAA D I-AA (FCS) along with NAIA, NCCAA and USCAA colleges to present an event broadcast on national television. The game ball and official event program are exhibited in the College Football Hall of Fame. The original D-II post-season all-star event was the Snow Ball which was played in the Fargo Dome (ND) from 1995 to 2000. It re-located to Javelina Stadium on the campus of Texas A & M - Kingsville from 2001 to 2011 when it suspended operations and was absorbed USA Football Network, Inc. in 2012. The USA Freedom Bowl is now the Division I-AA (FCS) and Division II All-Star Game that is recognized by the national sports media and professional football franchises. The four-day, three-night event is open to seniors who have been chosen to the USA Freedom Bowl "Watch List" of 600 senior standouts.

NEW YORK, NY -- The Metropolitan New York Football Writers Association (1935), the nation's oldest football writers organization and USA Football Network, Inc. (1988) are sponsors of the USA Freedom Bowl.

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